Do I really need a Website to compete?
How interactive should my site be?
With many free site design tools available, why should I choose VNI to create my site??
What forms of payment does Virtual Nexus accept?
Can you guarantee search engine rankings using SEO?
I am trying to pick a name for a new business. Any suggestions?
I want Virtual Nexus Inc. to create a Website for me. How do I get started?

Do I really need a Website to compete?

Of course, we want your business. But, don't just take our word you should have a professional online presence. Listen to what others are saying.

In the October 27, 2004 issue of Entrepreneur, Tim Knox states, I don't care if you're a one-man show or a 10,000-employee giant; if you don't have a website, you're losing business to other companies that do.

People use the Internet like they used to use the phone book writes Susan Ward. A business listing in the phone book probably isn't enough these days.

Steve Strauss's 2008 USA Today article points out that potential customers that cannot find information about a business online will typically go elsewhere. The point is, Strauss states, today, there is no reason for any small business not to be online, and not just online, but online in a professional, powerful way. That way, when a customer wants to find your menu of products, they will. If not, they'll go somewhere else.

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How interactive should my Website be?

We really believe the Internet has become overdone, at least in terms of the levels of interactivity. Many of the security problems all of us read about and see in the news have a lot to do with sites that are vulnerable to these sorts of attacks. Many times, online applications and forms are developed but are not re-evaluated afterward. So, it appears that, while hackers evolve their abilities, many Web apps simply exist. Eventually, new techniques may be found that thwart or dodge any security protocols of an existing application.

Lately, there has been a lot of media focus on just one facet of online threats, SQL injection. This is one of the techniques used to gain access to databases containing email addresses for customers of Capital One, Home Depot, and numerous other institutions. We'll perpetuate the warnings suggesting you not automatically trust any email you receive, especially if it starts asking you to click a link and start entering in personal account information.

So, to put this into perpective, with all the media attention that this round of attacks received, it is even more disconcerting to find out that SQL injections comprise only a small portion of the total number of vulnerabilities (see figure).

Graph of top vulnerability categories shows SQL injection is 5th on the list and only consists of 4 percent of the total.
Note: From "Eradicating Cross-Site Scripting," by Veracode, Inc., 2011 whitepaper.

In a nutshell, our perspective is that some interactivity (User feedback forms, sign up forms, login fields) may be necessary. However, it should be carefully considered whether this type of interactivity is really needed. Question the motives, then consider the alternatives before going overboard trying to make a Web page interactive.

Regarding animations and large files for images to make a site look cooler than the next guy's, realize that the Web is going through much of what it was going through in its infancy. Many of the devices users now visit sites with are portable, such as smart phones and tablets. Because these devices can have slower processing speeds or Internet connections, page size and download times have become issues all over again. So, even if you want to forget about the people still on dial-up, a whole new generation of users again are accessing Web pages in ways that are not as speedy as developers have gotten used to developing for. So, before getting excessive with interactivity, consider the risks, the necessity, and the user experience from a variety of perspectives. In other words, as cool as an awesome looking Flash page might be, you'll need to decide if site visitors will stay long enough to download it.

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There are free site design tools available. Why should I choose VNI to create my site?

We won't pretend there aren't other options for you. At the same, there are limits to the levels of customization in many of these. If you use a template, your site might look like someone else's... Which might be good or bad.

Many free design options are prepackaged with hosting plans. An issue with some free hosting options, for example, is you can find yourself with a domain name that is not exactly unique for your site. Your domain might look a bit like www.bigwebhosting service/members/mycoolwebsite.com. It does not set you apart that far from someone else's site if their's look like www.bigwebhosting service/members/joeswebsite.com. Worse, even if you get a more exclusive domain name through a paid upgrade, you can sometimes find it difficult to take your name along with you should you later decide to go to a different hosting provider. If you are planning to stay in business for a long time, you will want to make sure your domain name is not only unique enough to set you apart but, also, that you actually own the name outright so you do not find yourself changing domain names just when people have begun to notice your site.

However, there is a much more powerful argument for using Virtual Nexus services rather than "going it alone"; Time. How much is your time worth to you? Would you rather be working on developing your business and clientele... or would you rather be spending long hours creating your own site with the included learning curve? Only you know which is more productive for your business. Most of the time, though, we'll bet that dedicating your time with existing and prospective clients makes the most sense for you. Concentrate on what you do best. Then let us do what we do best FOR you!

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What forms of payment does Virtual Nexus accept?

We accept most major credit and many banking debit cards. Under certain circumstances, we may accept checks. Please contact us for details and restrictions on checks. And, of course, we can accept cash payments but absolutely advise against sending cash payments via mail services.

While we will continue to accept credit cards and many bank debit cards, we have just begun accepting Dwolla as an added convenience to you. Ask us if your purchase using Dwolla qualifies for an automatic 5% discount. It's this simple; Credit card processing costs us money. When you choose Dwolla instead of a credit card, we're happy to pass the savings right back to you!

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We Accept Dwolla

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Can you guarantee search engine rankings using your SEO techniques?

No. In fact, our position is that anyone who tells you they can get you in the number one listing for a search term by simply manipulating a few things on your pages is not being truthful and is, instead, more interested in what is in your wallet than what they can do for your site's promotion. These days, search engines are a bit more advanced and can see through most of the techniques that have little to do with providing the best results to online visitors.

We do strive to make sure your pages stand a better chance with the search engines. To do this, we will discuss with you how your pages are organized, wording and text details, and work to ensure your pages avoid common mistakes that can get your pages ranked lower.

Virtual Nexus works to promote your business´ most marketable attributes rather than resorting to "black hat" strategies that can get your site "sandboxed" or let your customers down. Your main focus should be on doing what you are good at, not trying to create income from nothing. In other words, concentrate your efforts on providing your customers with a quality product or service and you will be better off in the long run, both in rankings and in profit.

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I am trying to pick a name for a new business. Any suggestions?

Focus in, first, on those things you do. Get out a sheet of paper and simply start jotting down anything that comes to mind. It doesn't have to be pretty; You are simply trying to put your thoughts down so you can later organize them. Take a look at a thesaurus to find words with similar meanings. See if any combinations of those words look and sound right to you. Bounce those ideas off some of your friends for some honest feedback.

Before you go too far in this name game, spend some time determining what your business structure will be. Are you going to be a single proprietor, partnership, a limited liability corporation, etc.? For example, as a single proprietorship, perhaps your own personal name is all you need. Examine what your state and the Federal requirements are for this.

Make sure the name you are considering is actually available before you start signing up for services in its name. Most states should have a searchable index of business names. Try looking at your state's Secretary of State office Website.

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I want Virtual Nexus, Inc. to create a Website for me. How do I get started?

Our goal is to create a site that meets your expectations. To do this, we gather some information from you that does a couple things; One, it helps us understand what you hope to accomplish with the site and, two, it helps us develop your site much more efficiently.

The process involves identifying your needs, providing you with a quote, gathering or creating content, graphics, and format, identifying hosting and domain registration needs, and creating your site based upon your input.

Don't worry, though... We strive to make the process as streamlined as possible for you!

Contact us to get started.

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