Who is
Virtual Nexus Inc?

I am Alan Wilcox, the founder and head of Virtual Nexus Incorporated. I have over 15 years of experience working directly within the metal machining and woodworking, transportation, distribution, and retail industries. This translates well into a thorough understanding of the goals, customer base, vendors, and challenges these businesses face. If you just want a Web site, call anyone. If you want someone with the experience to translate your message to a specialized, professional target audience, Virtual Nexus Inc. should be your first choice.

I emphasize a commitment to providing you with professional graphics design and Web development services. My own personal specialties are in HTML, CSS, Web standards, and a bit of PHP/mySQL. But Virtual Nexus Inc also utilizes other Web technologies like Flash, Photoshop, JavaScript, etc. I am not afraid to admit we do not do absolutely everything. I also will not shy away from pointing out that the lack of specialization in many Web design shops are a big part of why many of them struggle to produce standards-compliant Websites.

About Us

Types of Projects

Industrial Websites

I do Websites for industry! You can expect excellent content writing, proofing of your existing content, and development of messages that will reach your specialized, professional target audiences. Experience in Minnesota industries, such as machining and metalworking, cabinets and woodworking, construction and excavating, as well as trucking and wholesaling industries... that kind of experience, in businesses like yours and its unique customers, lets Virtual Nexus do a better job creating your project.

Click here or on this image to view a demonstration site.

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Personal Websites

Many of the concepts used for a corporate Web presence still hold true for personal sites. The goal still is, like a corporate presence, to effectively convey your message to your audience while showing some personality.

Programming and Scripting Languages

Generally, I will focus on HTML, CSS, and PHP/mySQL to create unique, interactive sites for clients. I will utilize some JavaScript here and there. But I have found I can accomplish nearly anything I need to within my specialty areas.

Validated Pages

W3C Validation Service verifies page syntax

I'll create your pages with proper markup syntax! I actually take the time to make sure the pages created for your site are created using proper, standards-based markup language formatting. Why does this matter to you? It helps ensure your pages will load fast, display well across a wide variety of browsers and devices, and avoids ranking penalties by search engine indexers.

Secure Websites and Applications

PHP is a powerful, versatile scripting language for Websites. I love PHP and its ability, given the right precautions, to keep your Website secure. The latest SQL injection malware, called LizaMoon, slipped through because steps were not taken up front to eliminate the problem. We take those steps.

Business with Integrity

I will do what I say I will do for you. If I cannot, I'll tell you up front and perhaps even suggest who else might be able to help before you ever sign a contract.

Graphics and Logos

A spider web gleaming in sunlight

I will do product, business, or many other types of photography to help promote your business. I will help you with graphics and logos that will perpetuate your existing identity or build a new one.

Headquartered in Laporte, Minnesota, VNI is centrally located between Fargo/Moorhead, Duluth/Superior, International Falls, and Minneapolis. Surrounding communities of Bemidji, Walker, Park Rapids, and Grand Rapids provide local attractions and business opportunities. However, Virtual Nexus, Inc. can easily accommodate your Web development, hosting, or content development needs from a distance.


Web Development

My focus is on Web site development and entails the entire process from planning and layout to image and graphic design, entirely unique to your site. I personally do the work, yet have access to a network of developers with specialized skills in security, programming, and large projects. Whether your project requires some simple HTML or advanced PHP, JavaScript, or database access, Virtual Nexus Inc. has the resources to finish your project with quality results.

Consulting and Seminars

Virtual Nexus provides a strong outside viewpoint for those businesses and organizations already having an inside design team. Let me provide you with a perspective your own employees may not be able to provide.

I and my colleagues can provide assistance with your projects and provide learning opportunities in areas such as basic computer safety, html and CSS, and network architecture. Alan's rate is $95 per hour for standard, local consultations and seminars. Travel and lodging expenses are additional.

Web site hosting and domain name procurement

Virtual Nexus Inc. also works with an excellent company to provide you with any domain name or hosting needs. There are more expensive options, and there are cheaper. Yet, after my own use of several services over the years, I know who provides quality domain name and hosting services reliably and consistently.