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I'll make it easy for you to get a great site online. Let me take care of the technical details so you can focus on what you do best.

Virtual Nexus is a Minnesota company providing Web development, graphics design, and consulting services.

Great websites. Common-sense approach.

Here at Virtual Nexus, the focus is on functional Websites that work well for you and your site's visitors. I believe you can have a great site without sacrificing performance and reliability. To effectively and efficiently get your message to your visitors, sites I create utilize clear navigation, animation when it adds appropriately to the story you want to tell, and a professional ambiance.

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We now accept Dwolla

While we continue to accept credit cards and many bank debit cards, we have just begun accepting Dwolla as an added convenience to you. Ask us if your purchase using Dwolla qualifies for an automatic 5% discount. It's this simple; Credit card processing costs us money. When you choose Dwolla instead of a credit card, we're happy to pass the savings right back to you!

Dwolla is in the news!

How's your ad campaign working out for you?

Return on Investment (ROI) is frequently the buzzword among accountants and business leaders. In other words, for every dollar I put into a project, improvement, or advertising campaign, I want to know how many dollars will I get back. When times are tough, it becomes even more important to get the most "bang for the buck". Your advertising campaign is no different. And, for some businesses, a series of great print, radio, or television spots might provide just the right formula. For others, the costs of this type of advertising media may be more than any benefit.

Looking for a way to cut back on advertising costs?

A Website may be one of the most cost effective ways to go. Your costs for an entire year start off as low as $699 for a new site design, hosting, and domain name registration.

However, remember that a major site redesign may not be necessary every year. This means your yearly costs to maintain your site could be as low as $160 per year. Compare that to a classified advertisement in a local newspaper; it's a whopping $2317 for a year! Radio? Somewhere around $170 per spot. If you ran regular radio ads all year, say five per week, that's $44,200 each year!

So, will these forms of advertising bring in enough business to at least cover their cost? Well, that depends on your business and how many people the ad can reach. Still, how many people might your Website reach when it operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year?

So, you need to cut back on spending...

Then consider your new Website as a cost effective means to advertising, establishing brand, and building your client network.

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Website Examples:

Thumbnail image of fluid page layout demo site. Thumbnail image of Virtual Machining demo site.

DIY Corner

Do It Yourself!

We also provide some great point-and-click tools that will help you easily design your own site and get it hosted!

Yet, somewhere along the line, you may find yourself stuck. Check here for some practical tips you can use right away on your own Website project.

  • HTML Page Creation Fundamentals
    Here's a tutorial I wrote awhile back that can set you on the right track to building your own HTML page and learning what the code means. It's a great start to letting you be able to problem solve your own pages when those inevitable little issues happen.

  • Favicons that work with most browsers
    Favicons are the little graphic you will see next to a Web page's link in your browser's address bar and next to your favorites/bookmarks. Here's a quick lesson on how you can add these to your own pages.

  • Rounded Corners Using Only CSS!
    Nearly all of the new browsers now support rounded corners using CSS (cascading style sheets). Even for those browsers that do not, this method degrades very nicely to the old, familiar square corners on tables and page sections. Learn how to apply this effective and efficient feature to your own pages.